ALA Forex robot Review

Welcome to our Forex Reviewing website. We are back with another latest “ALA Forex robot Review” for you. In this review we are going to analyze this Forex robot that is creating hype in the Forex market. We will highlight all the specs and features of this trading robot along with it’s pros and cons. So let’s get into this review and see if it will make it to our Best Forex EA page where we already have incredible robots added!

What’s ALA Forex EA?

ALA Forex EA offer profitable Forex trades with it’s automatic setup. This robot can trade day and night without monitoring. It watches the market trend and then look for the buying and selling opportunities. It can trade with multiple major and minor currency pairs. There is a money management policy for those who want safe trading. If you are a beginner it is one of the best opportunity for you as you don’t need any experience to operate it.

This trading bot can start immediately with just 5 minute installation process. You can start with optimized settings that are done perfectly by default. Though if you are professional trader you can customize it to your choice. You can see it constantly running on both demo and live accounts. It can work on any system without any kind on restrictions. You can get free lifetime updates along with 24/7 customer support.

Who works behind ALA Forex EA?

In this section of ALA Forex robot Review, we are going to disclose the information that we have found about the people working behind this innovative Forex robot. The vendors really lack transparency this time. After digging a lot we found quite a minimal information. Their main server is located in Germany and the website was launched back in 2020. But unfortunately there is no such information on their website.

Hopefully they’ll update the information soon on their official sales page. Because every buyer want to know about the team or the developer working behind Forex robot. It ensure security so the buyer feels satisfied. This is a great source of credibility for buyers offered by vendors.

Features of ALA Forex EA

  • Fully equipped automatic robot
  • Watches market trends day and night
  • Work with multiple currency pairs
  • Build-in money management
  • Compatible with MT4 platform
  • Offer 5 minute quick installation
  • Optimized default settings
  • Work on both demo and live accounts
  • Work with any system without restrictions
  • Wave Trend Oscillator
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Dedicated customer support

Trading Strategy of ALA Forex EA

In this segment of our ALA Forex robot Review, we are going to give you a brief description about the trading strategy used by this robot. We will also analyze it’s performance with respect to the changing market trends. It’s main working strategy is based on advanced mathematics. It follow the market trends in order to keep the profit stable whereas in case of risky trades it offer money management to protect your money. We searched in detail if they where using some kind off best forex indicator but could not find this.

It is compatible with multiple major and minor currency pairs that include EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, USDMXN, GBPJPY, and EURJPY. This trading bot is able to run on both demo and live accounts. You can see their sales page in order to see number of verified results. You can also see the backtesting results by contacting the experts. They offer a very dedicated customer service for their buyers. It comes with certain default settings that help you trade without expertise.

ALA Forex EA Results

In this section of ALA Forex robot Review, we will talk about the results and performance of this trading robot. You will be pleased to hear that the results are very positive with stable profit. These results include trading with number of currency pairs along with upto 5 years of backtesting results. All these results have a history on Myfxbook and are verified.

ALA Forex EA Prices and Packages

Here we will enlist the packages offered by this trading bot. So eventually we have come across two different packages and below we are going to enlist the services offered by the vendors.

First package

  • Demo version
  • Free version
  • Downloadable just MQL5 Marketplace
  • Unlimited Demo Account
  • Backtests available
  • Unlimited Currency Pairs
  • Pre Purchase Support

Second package

  • ALA Forex robot
  • $349
  • Life Time Usage
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Optimized default settings
  • Trade multiple FX pairs at once
  • Detailed PDF Manual
  • Dedicated customer support



  • Five years of backtesting available
  • Work with both major and minor currency pairs
  • Results are verified by third party website
  • You can get two different version including a free version.


  • It lack information about it’s trading strategy.
  • You need a deposit of about 5000 USD in order to start trading.

Client’s Feedback

In this section of our ALA Forex robot Review we will talk about the reviews of customers who are currently using this robot or have used it in the past. This robot is still new to most of the people as it is launched earlier this year so not much reviews are available. Most of the experience traders don’t find it’s strategy as an incredible whereas other with the free version are quite happy with stable profit.

Conclusion of ALA Forex Robot Review

We are ending our ALA Forex robot Review with a very important conclusion. This Forex robot is quite new to the trading market but is quite popular among traders. It can work with multiple currency pairs and the results are quite exceptional. But you need to start with a quite high amount of deposit so now it really depend on you so how do you find it? Would you like to purchase it?

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