Arbitron EA Review

Welcome to our blog! We are back once again with an incredible “Arbitron EA review”. This trading bot is a completely automatic arbitrage trading system. In addition to this, it is entirely legal and beginner friendly unlike many other robots. Here we will analyze this trading bot for you and will give you honest opinion at the very end. We will enlist the specifications, trading strategy and packages for you. So take a seat back and let us start the review without further ado. Let’s see if it will make it to our Best Forex EA page or not!

What’s Arbitron EA?

Arbitron EA works with Latency artbitrage trading. It can create buying and selling opportunity based on the price of fast feed. It comes with auto-settings so you can simply go with default settings. This Forex robot can work on MT4 platform that is free for traders. It is designed in a very simple way so it works well for beginners as well. Arbitron EA is very easy to setup and install. This robot can trade with almost all the currency pairs that include AUDJPY, AUDNZD, AUDUSD, GBPJPY,CADJPY, EURAUD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPNZD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY. It works on M1 timeframe that is quite fast. Basically arbitrage strategy will help the trading to go with premium price feed that will take out great opportunity for profitable trading.

Who works behind Arbitron EA?

You will be pleased to hear that the vendors have provided their identity this time. Because we have reviewed number of different Forex robot that lack transparency and are inconvenient for the buyers to deal with. Whereas as this time developers have come up with quite a lot of information. The creators of this robot are named Alex and Nick. They are traders with multiple finance degrees. Not only this but they have 7 years of experience of dealing with brokerage firms. In addition to this, this Forex robot is introduced via Leap FX that itself is a renowned company in the world of Forex trading. So this is the point where the vendors sound convincing what do you think?

Arbitron EA Features

  • This is an automated robot that doesn’t need any monitoring.
  • It works with latency arbitrage trading.
  • This robot is compatible with MT4 platform.
  • You can use multiple currency pairs for trading.
  • The robot is already adjusted to profitable settings.
  • It works on M1 timeframe.
  • Premium fast feed provide great trading opportunities for buying and selling.
  • You can get their customer support 24/7.
  • It comes with complete refund policy in case of any issue.

Trading Strategy of Arbitron EA

In this section of Arbitron EA Review, we will discuss the strategy and working module for this trading bot. There is a definite strategy called as latency arbitrage trading strategy for working. This trading is mainly based on premium price feed that create selling and buying opportunities. It will make stable profit in a very accurate way. It will keep check on the market trends by it’s auto-settings. This makes this trading bot easy to set up and use for the beginners. It also uses cloaking module that will help you to disguise from brokers and make the trading legal.

Arbitron EA Results

In this part of Arbitron EA Review, we will talk about the results. The results are quite positive and are verified by third-party website. Though it claim to make stable and accurate profit but you may see some inconsistency. But still there are number of different profitable demo account for you to see. If you want to see it by yourself you can see their official website.

Arbitron EA Prices and Packages

Here we will enlist the services that are being offered by the vendors. There are four different packages along with their services. So you can choose according to your interest. Moreover it comes with money back guarantee.

First package

  • 3 Month Payment Plan
  • Forex Pairs Version
  • $347 per month
  • Arbitron Trading Software for Forex Pairs
  • Lifetime License, updates and support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Second package

  • One Time Payment
  • Forex Pairs Version
  • $799
  • Arbitron Trading Software For Forex Pairs
  • Lifetime License, updates and support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Third Package

  • One Time Payment
  • CFD Pairs Version
  • $799
  • Arbitron Trading Software For Indices, Gold, Silver, Oil, Etc.
  • Lifetime License, updates and support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Fourth Package

  • Arbitron Forex For Meta Trader 5
  • $799
  • For Forex Pairs
  • Lifetime License, updates and support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



  • There are different version that make it compatible with both MT4 and MT5 platform.
  • You can go with either monthly or one-time payment method.
  • It comes with money back guarantee.


  • Profit may seem inconsistent.
  • The prices are slightly high for the buyers.

Client’s Feedback

We will give you some insight by talking about the reviews of the customers who are using this trading bot currently. There are few customers that are satisfied by the strategy and are making profit with minimum deposit. Whereas other are complaining about inconsistent profit instead of stable passive income.

Conclusion of Arbitron EA Review

We are ending this in-depth review with a final conclusion. We have found this trading bot quite promising and credibility factor is a plus for the buyers. There is also a definite strategy to work with. It also doesn’t need any kind of monitoring and is beginner friendly but profit may turn out to be inconsistent. How do you find it? Whether you want to give it a try or not?

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