Falcor EA Review

Welcome to our forex website! We are back with another review article namely “Falcor EA Review” for you. It is a powerful robot introduced by Forex Robot Trader. We have previously reviewed number of different Forex robots by Forex Robot Trader. Here we will explain it’s trading strategy along with pricing plans. We will also enlist the features that makes it different from other trading bots. So keep reading the article till the end and see if it will make it to our Best Forex EA page or not!

What’s Falcor Forex EA?

Falcor Forex EA is an automatic trading bot as many of the other robots designed by Forex Robot Trader. It can open, manage and close trade for you. This trading bot works using advanced price action methods. This will help you to get real time great trading opportunities leading to profitable trading. It can trade day and night looking for desirable opportunities. It is able to work with multiple currency pairs including major and minor pairs.

This Forex robot is compatible with MT4 platform. You can work with EURUSD and GBPJPY. It requires 5 minutes to completely setup. Installation and download is quite easy once you buy it. They have mentioned results on their sales page with monthly profit. It can work with any size of account.

falcor ea

Who works behind Falcor Forex EA?

As we have mentioned above this is also a robot by a well known company Forex Robot Trader. We have also included the information about the traders in our previous articles as we are currently analyzing trading robots by this company. So in this case you can do the same thing go and visit their “about us” sections. You can find the information about their main developer Don Steinitz. He died few years back and from that time up-till now they haven’t updated their website. So as we know that information about the traders is definitely a source of transparency and credibility. Hopefully they will update it soon otherwise this is going to be a source of inconvenience for the buyers.

Features of Falcor Forex EA

  • Fully equipped trading bot
  • Work with both minor and major currency pairs
  • Work on MT4 platform
  • Compatible with any size of account
  • Uses advance price action strategy
  • No lagging indicators
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Uses innovative coding
  • Affordable price

Falcor Forex EA Trading Strategy

Here in this Falcor EA Review, we will give you an insight about the trading strategy used by Falcor EA. It works on a very innovative strategy of advance price action strategy that helps to find the best trading opportunities. You just have to sit back and see the robot do it’s work. It trade using the opportunities that are profitable. The market trends are analyzed for the trading first. You can also go with both major and minor currency pairs. The major pairs include EURUSD and GBPJPY. And minor pairs include AUDCAD, CADJPY, NZDCAD, EURJPY, NZDJPY, USDSGY, GBPUSD, EURAUD, USDCHF, EURCHF, GBPCHF, CADCHF, USDCZK, EURGBP. So in total it is a remarkable trading bot that is sufficient for all the trading plans. In the Falcor ea there are some off the best metatrader indicators. But this was very hard to discover which ones off course.

Falcor Forex EA Results

In this section of Falcor Forex EA Review, we will analyze the result of this trading robot. As you can see on their official sales page there are number of different results and most of these are profitable. The results are arranged in a monthly list so you can easily compare the results. But unfortunately the results are not verified by any third party website.

Falcor Forex EA Prices and Packages

There is only one package that we are going to enlist down in this Falcor EA Review. We will enlist the services and price that is clearly available on their official sales page. Right now there is a discount so you can avail this service at a low price.

First package

  • Price: $199
  • Discounted price: $99
  • Falcor Forex EA software
  • Free robot of your choice
  • An ultimate trading license
  • 1 Real account
  • 1 Demo account
  • Customer support service



  • It is a fully automated trading robot.
  • You can get a free trading bot after purchasing this Falcor Forex EA.
  • You can pay via credit card or PayPal account.
  • It work on an innovative price action strategy.
  • This trading bot is extremely affordable with discounted price.
  • It can be used for beginners as well.


  • The results are not verified by Myfxbook or any third party website.

Client’s Feedback

We have come to the most important part of Falcor Forex Review. Here we will talk about the feedback given by the clients who have used this robot. For few people it’s working quite stable whereas other are claiming it as a scam because it is not giving satisfactory results for them.

Conclusion of Falcor EA Review

We have come to the end of Falcor Forex Review. Here we are going to give you very important conclusion that will help you make your final decision. Is this the best forex robot off the moment? As we have describe all about this trading strategy, features and pricing plan. You can see it is a very innovative trading robot. In addition to this it’s advance price action strategy is new and effective for Forex market. It may do wonders for many of users but there are certain pitfalls as well. Because few of the customers are claiming it to be a scam. We have given our honest opinion so now it depends on you whether you find it good enough to trade with or not!

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