Forex Cyborg Review

Welcome again to our best expert advisor MT4 website! Today we are going to give you an insight of “Forex Cyborg Review”. We are reviewing this innovative Forex robot that will make your trading completely automatic. In addition to this, it will trade with multiple currency pairs on MT4 platform. They claim to provide long-term investment opportunity as well. So let’s move further and analyze this new trading bot. We will highlight the attributes, working strategy and results of this robot down below.

So let’s see if this Forex robot is good enough to make it’s place on our Best Forex EA page or not!

What’s Forex Cyborg EA?

This Forex Cyborg EA robot is a new robot incredible features that will make the trading easier for you. It is a fully automatic robot that can work with 18 different currency pairs. It can work on M15 timeframe and can work with more than one currency at once. This trading bot is a professional robot that works really well for professional traders. It determine it’s own trading strategy by keeping an eye on the latest market trends. It will collect the data about the profitable trading direction resulting into accurate results.

This trading bot comes with advanced features of money-management. There isn’t any complicated trading strategy to deal with. You can trade in a risk-free environment. You profit will be protected from the brokers. As we know it is an automated robot so you don’t have to monitor trading 24/7. In case of customer support you can fill the form if you want your query to be answered.

Who works behind Forex Cyborg EA?

In this section of Forex Cyborg Review, we will get to know the team working behind this Forex robot. Unfortunately we get a very little information about the developers of this robot. Though their website is very professional and all the details are arranged in an order. There is no information about the whereabouts of the people working behind this robot. There are number of different backtests available on their official website. You can see the trading results with different currency pairs. Not only this but all these results are verified by MyFxbook as well.

Features of Forex Cyborg EA

  • It is an automatic robot that works on neural networks.
  • It offers real slippage and real spread.
  • This Forex robot comes with customize-able settings.
  • It is designed in a very innovative and advanced way.
  • This trading bot gives the most accurate results as seen in the backtests.
  • It runs on MT4 platform with M15 timeframe.
  • There is free setup of VPS available.

Trading Strategy of Forex Cyborg EA

In this part of Forex Cyborg Review, we will talk about the trading strategy of this robot. There isn’t much information about the trading strategy on their official website. Though the results are verified by Myfxbook so you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of it’s performance. There are number of results and backtests available on their official website that show remarkable performance. There are 18 different currency pairs available for trading. It can trade in the time of 17:00 to 23:30 GMT. These hours are specifically for trading. You can also deposit according to your choice as there is no such thing as fix investment. It offers Normal and Conservative level which help you work in risk-free environment.

Forex Cyborg EA Results

We are pleased to announce that results are very positive and profitable. The drawdown rate is quite low. You can see all the backtesting results on their official website. All these results are verified by third party website Myfxbook. You can also see the performance of this bot with various currency pairs.

Forex Cyborg EA Prices and Packages

In this section of Forex Cyborg Review, we will talk about the prices and packages offered by vendors. We will enlist the price and services offered in each packages. So it will be easy for you to buy certain package according to your trading plan.

First package

  • Gold
  • 499.99 EUR
  • Trade with 18 currency pairs
  • Unlimited demo accounts and license
  • 1 Real account and license
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free lifetime software update

Second package

  • Premium
  • 599.99 EUR
  • Trade with 18 currency pairs
  • Unlimited Demo accounts and license
  • 3 Real accounts and license
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free lifetime software updates



  • It comes with 30 days money back guarantee.
  • It can trade with 18 different currency pairs with M15 timeframe.
  • This trading bot offers money-management.
  • There is no minimum deposit to start trading.


  • It is a professional trading bot so it may turn out to be complicated for the beginners.
  • There is no detail about the trading strategy.
  • The prices are slightly high for the buyers.

Client’s Feedback

Here comes the most important part of Forex Cyborg Review. The feedback that we have collected is quite positive. Most of the people are happy with the transparency it offered with it’s results whereas other found it’s price slightly high if talk about performance. It can make a stable profit but not too high as it claims to.

Conclusion of Forex Cyborg Review

We are ending this Forex Cyborg Review with a final conclusion. Is this the best scalping ea? As discussed above the price is slightly high but if we talk about performance it can trade with 18 different currency pairs which is a phenomenal feature. It also comes with money-management for safe trading. So if you are a professional trader it is going to prove very profitable for you. Is it really going to meet your expectations with it’s advanced features? Would you give this trading bot a try?

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