Forex Gump EA Review

Welcome to our blog! We are back with a brand new review namely “Forex Gump EA Review” just for you. We will analyze this Forex robot and will enlist it’s attributes, trading strategy and packages for you. Make sure to check our website for latest review as we are constantly working in order to find the best Forex robot for you. So let’s continue with this review and see if it will be able to make it to our Best Forex EA official page or not!

What’s Forex Gump EA?

This Forex Gump EA is an automatic robot with profitable results. This robot will trade everyday for you. There are News filter to keep check on the market conditions. You can made the adjustment according to your trading plan. It works with multiple currency pairs. These nine currencies include AUDUSD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDCAD, The recommended timeframe for trading is M1.

This Forex Gump EA will search for profitable opportunities and will trade according to the conditions. It works 24/5 and you don’t even have to monitor it. It has a recommended leverage of 1:100 or higher than this. You can start you trade either with the deposit of $4000 or as little as $40 on micro account. There is also a technology that will protect money for you. It will open, manage and close trade for you.

Who works behind Forex Gump EA?

We are happy to announce that this Forex robot is manged by Andrew Kozak. He is a Ukrainian trader and has a very good reputation. You can see there isn’t much information about him on the website but you will be able to see the information on the internet. He claims that this robot will be very profitable for the beginners and it is created by keeping in mind the standard parameters. It is a professional robot with highly developed techniques that will make the trading easier. There are certain indicators to manage the trading. These indicators include algorithm but obviously it is not much explained.

Forex Gump EA Features

  • There are 9 different currency pairs that you can trade with.
  • There are three different settings including High, low and middle.
  • The recommended timeframe is M1 timeframe.
  • It offers news filter that will keep check on market condition.
  • It open, manage and closes trade for you.
  • There are latest technologies that will offer money protection.
  • There is no restriction for the choice of brokers.
  • Two years of live performance results are there on their official website.

Forex Gump EA Trading Strategy

Generally in this Forex Gump EA Review, we will talk about the innovative technology used in this Forex robot. It comes with three default settings including low, medium and high. It offers multiple currencies to work with that are nine different currencies and offers broker protection. There is a recommended timeframe of M1 that is the best to work with. It will keep check on the market condition with it’s ultimate news filter. This Forex robot will protect the money from brokers. You can see the live performance results on their official website where their is quite high profit gain and drawdown rate is much low than many other robots.

Forex Gump EA Results

In this section of Forex Gump EA Review, we will explain about the results that are shown on their official website and the results are quite tremendous. After two years there is a total profit gain is of 2000%. You can see that their is not much loss in the whole trading strategy.

Forex Gump EA Prices and Packages

We will explain the packages in detail below. We will mention the two different packages offered by the developers of this Forex robot. There are also services that are available when you buy this Forex robot. We will enlist the services for you.

First package

  • 199 EUR
  • 1 Live account
  • 1 Demo account
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Free updates
  • Free installation
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Second package

  • 399 EUR
  • 3 Live accounts
  • Unlimited Demo accounts
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Free updates
  • Free installation
  • 30 Days money back guarantee



  • The results are verified by FX Blue.
  • It works on MT4 platform and timeframe of M1.
  • There are multiple currency pairs that are available to execute the trading plan.
  • There are advanced news filter and money management that offers protection for the money.


  • The minimum deposit is quite larger and if you want to start as a beginner you may find it slightly high.

Client’s Feedback

In this section of Forex Gump EA Review, we will talk about the feedback from the clients that is much satisfactory. You can easily give it a big thumbs up. Clients found it easy to operate without much ado but the deposit is slightly high for most of the customer who want to take a fresh start.

Conclusion of Forex Gump EA Review

We are ending this Forex Gump EA Review with a very important conclusion. This Forex robot is a multi-functional robot and is broker sensitive. Though it is easy to operate and comes with lifetime license. There are some better robots that offer more innovative feature but this one is also not left behind in any other way. If you really want succeed with something new then why not try this one as we can see price is not much high. You can read other interesting EA reviews on our best expert advisor MT4 website.

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