FxGoodWay EA Review

Welcome to our Forex website! We are back with a new “FxGoodWay EA Review” for you. This robot comes in two different set and 17 different pattern. Here we will analyze this robot and will enlist it’s specifications, trading results and client’s feedback in this review. We are constantly uploading latest Forex robots review you can check our website for further analysis. We will also come up with the performance result so let’s start the review of this Forex robot and see whether it will make it to our Best Forex EA official page or not!

What’s FxGoodWay EA?

FxGoodWay EA is a professional EA that offers smooth pattern. It is associated with two different set. This trading bot is comes with very diverse patterns that are 17 in number. It works on multi-session logic that offers a very stable profit. In addition to this, the advanced features include auto-risk calculation that will automatically open, manage and close trade for you. It will access the market condition and will enter and exit trade at the best opportunity.

The two different sets create up to 17 different patterns by switching on and off each sets. Different patterns will trade in a different manner. Set 1 actually belongs to the older version of FxGoodWay but now a more updated and modified version has been introduced. You can use both the sets at the same time. These patterns have be tested from quite a long time and come up with stable and constant profit.

Who works behind FxGoodWay EA?

We tried to find information about the team behind this trading bot but we were unable to find any information on their official website. Though they have explained the strategy and features on their website and they are available 24/7 for customer support service. They have also tested the results by using both set-1 and set-2. But lack of information is obviously a source of inconvenience for the buyers. But we hope the vendor will not disappoint the buyers and will soon come up with the information about the team behind this Forex robot.

Features of FxGoodWay EA

  • This Forex robot offers constant and stable profit with each trade.
  • It offers simultaneous trading by using mathematical algorithms.
  • There are 2 different sets and 17 patterns for trading.
  • It works with EURUSD currency pair only.
  • Works with auto-risk calculation for protected trading.
  • Grid trading strategy is used by this bot.
  • There is also complete money back guarantee policy.

FxGoodWay EA Trading Strategy

We will talk about the trading strategy in this part of FxGoodWay EA Review. There are actually two different sets that work in the form of patterns. Set 1 is older version and set 2 is modified version. You can make 17 different patterns by sorting the sets out. It will work using auto-risk calculation to offer trading protection from brokers. It trade with only one currency pair EURUSD. The main strategy used by this robot is grid trading strategy. It works on the principle of stop-loss and gain-profit strategy that will help with constant and stable profit. There is another multi-session logic that will help to open, manage and close trade automatically.

FxGoodWay EA Results

If we talk about the result of this Forex robot then you can easily find the results on their official website. There is 4 year of backtesting behind these results and results are also verified by third party website. The performance is extremely stable and profitable if we see the graph of the results. There is constant profit throughout the trading.

FxGoodWay EA Prices and Packages

In this section of FxGoodWay EA Review, we will talk about the price and packages offered by the creators. There is only one package that is actually the latest FxGoodWay EA version. It also comes with 30 days money back guarantee so you can easily buy it without risk.

First package

  • $365
  • Free updates
  • No changing account or limitations
  • Lifetime license
  • Profit every week
  • Customer support
  • 30 Days money back guarantee



  • This robot uses certified grid strategy and other market algorithm to work.
  • It works with 17 different pattrens.
  • It is compatible with MT4 platform.
  • This robot trade with EURUSD currency pair.
  • It gives constant and stable profit every week.


  • The price is quite high for the buyers not everyone can afford expensive trading bot.
  • It’s settings are little complicated for beginners.

Client’s Feedback

In this segment of FxGoodWay EA Review, we will talk about client feedback. Most of the people are satisfied with the results of this trading bot. Whereas other find the trading strategy quite complicated and it may not be suitable for the beginners because of different patterns. In addition to this, the price is slightly higher for the buyers and it may not be affordable for most of the people.

Conclusion of FxGoodWay EA Review

We are ending this FxGoodWay EA Review with final conclusion. We have mentioned some of the top-notch features that are present in this robot. These features make it different from all the robots. There is no other robot that offer 17 different patterns to choose from. You can easily make the desired profit using certain techniques. It is fully equipped for the traders. But if we talk about beginners it may take some time to learn the strategies. It is also expensive if you are just starting out trading. But if you really want to take chance why not give it a try?

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