FxStabalizer EA Review

Welcome to our blog! We are back with another latest ” FxStabilizer EA Review” for you. This is actually a two in one package review because FxStabilizer comes with two different version. So we will analyze both FxStabilizer Pro and FxStabilizer ultimate for you. We will enlist the features of both of these versions along with their prices and services so it will be easy to make decision. In addition to this, we will tell you about the client’s feedback so you will be sure about the performance. So let’s continue this review and see if it will be added to our Best Forex EA page or not!

What’s FxStabilizer EA?

FxStabilizer EA is a Forex robot with reliability and durability. This Forex robot works automatically and earn a very stable regular profit. The drawdown rate is very low as compare to other Forex robots in the market. It is incredibly flexible to all kind of changes in the Forex market. This Forex robot entered into the world of Forex trading since 2015 and it is constantly working to improve trading experience for it’s customers.

This Forex robot has introduced two different versions including FxStabilizer ulimate and FxStabilizer Pro. Down below we will enlist their specifications. This Forex robot is very easy to work with. There is also absolute security mechanism that offers protection to your money. Even if you don’t have any experience you’ll be able to trade with this trading bot.

Who works behind FxStabilizer EA?

Though this company has been established with the history results of year 1997 but still there isn’t much information about the company on the official website. We know that they have created different Forex robots and are working successfully but information about the developers is a source of credibility. Though they have launched FxStabilizer since 2015 and are now coming up with live results as well so you can’t question their expertise.

FxStabilizer EA Features

As mentioned above you will be able to get two different versions in this FxStabilizer Forex robot so we will enlist the features of these two robots one by one.

FxStabilizer Ultimate

  • This version is able to trade on 6 different currency pairs.
  • It uses high drawdown control.
  • It can work on both MT4 and MT5 platform.
  • This robot comes with two different setting modes.
  • The updated version of this Forex robot is also available.

FxStabilizer Pro

  • It trades on 8 different currency pairs.
  • It includes all the features present in ultimate version.
  • Works on both MT4 and MT5 brokers.
  • It consists of a lifetime license of the unlocked version of EA.
  • It comes with two different setting modes including durable and turbo.
  • In case of durable it offers stable and safe profit.
  • If you switch to turbo it will offer high but risky profit.

FxStabilizer EA Trading Strategy

In this section of FxStabilizer EA Review, we will talk about the trading strategy of this Forex robot. This robot works totally on it own. It makes a very easy profit with two different modes of settings. You can go with either stable and safe profit method naming Durable mode or high and risky profit with turbo mode.

FxStabilizer Pro will work with 8 different currency pairs and these pairs include EURJPY, USDJPY, USDCAD, CHFJPY, EURGBP and GBPCHF. And the most recommended pairs are EURUSD and AUDUSD. This Pro version is the most updated one with all the features of FxStabilizer ultimate that is the other and less costly version. It can trade on 4 different currency pairs. There are many off the so called best expert advisors who use similar strategies. But like always we advice you to do proper backtesting.

FxStabilizer EA Results

In this segment of FxStabilizer EA Review we will talk about the performance. There is a backtesting result since 1997 which ensure the quality of the Forex robots. You can also check the live performance results available on their official website.

FxStabilizer EA Prices and Packages

In this part of FxStabilizer EA Review, we will talk about the prices and packages offered by the developers. We will also explain the services of the two versions.

First package

  • FxStabilizer Ultimate
  • $539
  • Lifetime license
  • Real account
  • Demo account
  • Free updates
  • Customer support 24/7

Second package

  • FxStabilizer Pro
  • $739
  • Real account
  • Demo account
  • Free updates
  • Customer support 24/7



  • It offers a very comprehensive selection of currency pairs.
  • It follow M15 timeframe which is intraday timeframe creating number of opportunities.
  • If you are a new trader you can easily begin your journey with this Forex robot.
  • There are two different setting modes to work with.


  • The prices of these robots are quite high to afford.

Client’s Feedback

In this part of FxStabilizer EA Review we will talk about the feedback of the clients who have already experienced trading with this robot. There are many different customers that have gain stable profit from quite a long time. But then their were few buyers that claim that their account was wiped out after few trades.

Conclusion of FxStabilizer EA Review

We have come to the final conclusion of FxStabilizer EA Review. There are number of different Forex robots around the market but you have to keep check on the performance as well. If you want to start with something new then you can see you have an open choice to check whether you wat to buy FxStabilizer Pro or Ultimate. So you must have to take a chance if you want succeed in the Forex market. Because it’s all about taking a chance.

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