Ganon Forex Robot Review

Today we are presenting another review called “Ganon Forex Robot Review” for you. The creators claim it to be the most elite Forex robot in the trading market. So we decide to collect the information with authentic facts and figures. In addition to this we will scrutinize this robot and will enlist the most important specs and features, trading strategy and results for you. So keep reading this article to see if this Forex robot is good enough to make it to our Best Forex EA official page or not!

What’s Ganon Forex Robot?

This Ganon Forex Robot is a completely equipped and 100% automatic robot. This robot is also devised by Forex Robot Trader and it is quite a well-known company as we have done quite a lot of reviews of their trading bots. It works on auto-pilot mode so you don’t have to monitor it’s working all the time. It also comes with quite an eye-catching UI for your screen. If we talk about it’s working strategy it works with incredible trend signal. These signals help with the trading using the information about the market condition.

This trading bot works on two different modes that will affect your trading it a different way. You can either go with hyper mode that offer more trades or normal mode for bigger trades. It can work with 20 different currency pairs and the settings are optimized for all the pairs. Though you can also adjust the settings according to your trading plan. It is reliable for both the beginners and professional traders.

Who works behind Ganon Forex Robot?

Here in this section of Ganon Forex Robot Review, we will talk about the team who have been working behind this remarkable robot. So after doing a lot of research we have found out about the owner of Forex Robot Trader Company who is also the creator of number of other different robots. He is called Don Steinitz. According to our information he died few year back but up-till now they haven’t updated any information about the new authorities. But still there sales page is constantly working and as you can see our previous reviews you will see number of different robots with the same company. Their customer support is also active and respond 24/7.

Features of Ganon Forex Robot

  • Fully automatic trend trades
  • Exclusive new strand theory
  • Two trading modes
  • Optimize for all pairs
  • Work with 20 currency pairs
  • Easy 5 minute install
  • Elite Track record
  • Work on any account size
  • New UI for your screen
  • Customized settings
  • Customer support 24/7

Trading Strategy of Ganon Forex Robot

In this part of Ganon Forex Robot Review, we will give you an insight about the trading strategy of this robot. We will explain the working principles of this robot. As mentioned above it has a very elite track record so the reason behind it is Exclusive new strand theory on which it is based on. It uses the most reliable trend signals that will trade with broker and will leave them stunned. They updated this new strategy after six years of dedicated working.

It also comes with top-loss and take-profit strategy and works with two different modes. These modes include Hyper mode that offers more trades for the traders and normal mode that helps you to go with bigger trades. There is also money-management technology that helps with safe and protected trading. It is able to work with any size of account so you don’t have to get worried about the deposit. But unfortunately we have found a pitfall as we are unable to see the verified results. Also we do not see any indicators but it is possible they are using a similar indicator like the pipfinite trend pro.

Ganon Forex Robot Results

We are going to discuss about it’s performance and results in this section of Ganon Forex Robot Review. Though you can see they have upload the results with different currency pairs and profit of each month but unfortunately these results are not verified by Myfxbook or nay third party website. We know it is a downfall and hopefully they’ll overcome it because verified results are a source of satisfaction for the buyers.

Ganon Forex Robot Prices and Packages

Here in this section of Ganon Forex Robot Review, we will discuss the prices and packages offered by vendors. We will also enlist the services that you are going to get after buying this robot. Currently it i offering a very good opportunity for the buyer as you are going to get 50% discount by the vendors.

First package

  • $199
  • Discount price: $99
  • Ganon Forex robot software
  • Demo account available
  • Real account available
  • Lifetime updates
  • Free robot on purchase
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Payment via credit-card or PayPal



  • 6 years of back-testing before launch.
  • Can work on MT4 platform.
  • Optimized setting for all the currency pairs.
  • Affordable price.
  • Fully equipped and doesn’t need monitoring.
  • You can get a free robot on each purchase.


  • Results are not verified by third party website.
  • Timeframe is not specified.

Client’s Feedback

This is the most important part of Ganon Forex Robot Review. Here we will tell you about the positive or negative feedback of the clients using it. For this you can also visit the official page as there are number of reviews available on their page. All of them are positive but few buyers are complaining about the results as they are not verified.

Conclusion of Ganon Forex Robot Review

We are ending this Ganon Forex Robot Review with a very important conclusion. As you can see we have given you an in-depth review about this robot and have analyze it’s features, trading strategy and pricing plans. We have find this robot quite potential but it totally depend on you whether you find it good enough or not. What do you think about it? Also you can read other reviews on our best expert advisor mt4 website!

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