Hedge Forex EA Review

HI and welcome to our best expert advisor mt4 website! For today’s article we decided to come up with “Hedge Forex EA Review” for you. We will give you an in-depth review of this phenomenal trading bot. In this article, we will discus the trading strategy that is used by the bot’s software. We will also mention the advanced features and it’s pricing and packages. It is a fully automated robot so it comes with certain pros and cons so we are going discuss it as well. So let’s start our review and see if this trading bot is good enough to make it to our Best Forex EA page or not!

What’s Hedge Forex EA?

Hedge Forex EA is a professional Forex robot that is also an invention of well-known trader namely Forex robot trader. This trading bot use the popular trading strategy of hedging. This trading strategy is quite popular among the traders. You can use multiple currency pairs to trade with. It is also able to work for longer time periods without much risk. It comes with customized settings that is good new for experienced traders. They can change the settings according to their trading plan.

This trading bot work with an easy setup that will help you with easy installation. You can use it immediately after downloading it. It does not need human monitoring 24/7 that will help you with easy trading. In addition to this it will buy and sell just by following the market trends. The trading results are quite positive and show stable profit. But these results are not verified by Myfxbook. If you are looking for the best crypto signals or crypto robots then this article is not for you. This is for forex traders only!

Who works behind Hedge Forex EA?

Here in this part of Hedge Forex EA Review we will give you an insight about the people working behind this trading robot. As we have mentioned above that this robot is devised by Forex Robot Traders. This company has already introduced number of different automatic robot in the market. We have reviewed number of different robots that are developed by them. The creator named Don Steinitz was a professional but he died few years back. Right now there is no information about the team managing this Forex Robot. Hopefully they will update their website and give information about the current team. As we know creator’s information is a source of credibility and transparency.

Features of Hedge Forex EA

  • Fully automated trading bot
  • Work with multiple currency pairs
  • Compatible with MT4 platform
  • Work with law of multiple timeframes
  • Doesn’t need 24/7 monitoring
  • Offer safe trading opportunity
  • Demo accounts are available for testing.
  • Buy and sell by looking stable opportunity

Hedge Forex EA Trading Strategy

In this segment of Hedge Forex EA Review, we will talk about the trading logic used by this Forex robot. Usually it works with law of multiple timeframes. It will start trading from a longer timeframe and will come to the shortest after first counter trend. This trading bot buy and sell following the market trends. All the trading will be done by this robot so you don’t have to monitor it 24/7. It will provide high performance with it’s default settings for the beginners. If you are a professional trader you can customize the trading according to your desired plan. The results available on their official page are not verified yet. Though the reviews are quite positive and monthly profit is shown on their sales page. BTW some people prefer manual trading. Then we suggest that they search online for the best forex signals on telegram.

Hedge Forex EA Results

Here we will give you a little idea about the results that we have found by this robot. You can get a demo account in case you want to perform a trial trading. Though the results show high yet stable profit. The column is arrange in a monthly manner so you can easily access it’s performance. Unfortunately results are not verified by any third party website.

Prices and Packages of Hedge Forex EA

In this part of Hedge Forex EA Review, we will write down the services you are going to get from the vendors. There are number of different services that you are going to get along with a free Forex software as well. If you want to buy it right now you are also going to get 50% discount as well.

First package

  • Price: $199
  • Discount price: $99
  • Hedge Forex EA software
  • Free Forex Robot of your choice
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Free updates and installation
  • 1 Real account
  • Demo account available
  • Free license



  • The price for this robot is quite affordable for beginners.
  • Fully equipped and comes with customize-able settings.
  • Payment can be done by credit card or PayPal.


  • It is not compatible with FIFO brokers.
  • The results are not verified by third party website.

Client’s Feedback

We are going to talk about the feedback in this part of “Hedge Forex EA Review”. Most of the clients find it’s trading logic innovative and it work in a stable way for them. Whereas other found it a scam because there is not much versatility in it’s performance and it’s results are not verified.

Conclusion of Hedge Forex EA Review

We have come to the end of “Hedge Forex EA Review”. We have enlist all the features and explain the trading strategy of this robot. There are number of different things that make it innovative and remarkable but it doesn’t come without pitfalls. The results are not verified by any third party website. You can see that it may not prove as good for you as other people using it. So now it really depends upon you whether you find it good enough for your trading plan or not!

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