The Skilled Trader Review

Welcome to our Forex Website! This time we will be providing you a full “The Skilled Trader Review”. It is trading bot launched by LeapFX. They claim to double and triple your account with a very low risk factor. It doesn’t use any dangerous strategies like scalping or hedging. They also claim it to be brokers friendly. So in this review, we will analyze this robot and enlist it’s features for you. So let’s start with this review and keep reading it till the end to see if it will make it to the list of Best Forex EA or not!

What’s The Skilled Trader EA?

The skilled trader EA is a professional Forex robot that is 100% automatic. This automated trading system is completely adjustable with market trend. It keeps check on the ever-changing market conditions. It does not deal with dangerous strategies that make it broker friendly. There are three main trading secret that make this trading bot different from other EAs in the market. These three features include large revenue trades, market adaptability and risk management.

This Forex robot is able to trade with three currency pairs. These pairs include EURUSD, GBPUSD, and gold XAUUSD. Out of these three one is a major currency pair among the brokers. As you can see it can also trade gold by following the above mentioned trading secrets. LeapFX is quite famous for it’s EAs that are successfully running in the market so it makes this robot a good pick.

Who works behind The Skilled Trader EA?

If you have read our previous review, you must know that this The Skilled Trader Review is incomplete if we didn’t mention information about the team. So as we have already mentioned that this Forex robot is launched by LeapFX which is a well-known company. They are performing remarkably in the Forex market. There is not much information about the developers of this robot. But LeapFX itself is a very famous company with excellent analytics in terms of trading. They have almost a decade experience so they seem trustworthy for the traders. They have many other robots in Forex market that you can check out.

Features of The Skilled Trader EA

  • No dangerous strategies like scalping.
  • Support gold trading.
  • No more broker sensitivities.
  • Risk management while trading.
  • Support three currency pairs.
  • Flexible with market conditions.
  • Auto-updating software.
  • Prevent from broker slippage.
  • Offer trend trading with volatility factor.
  • Minimum deposit of $100.

The Skilled Trader EA Trading Strategy

Here in this section of “The Skilled Trader Review” we will give you an insight about the trading strategy of this trading robot. They have not explained about the strategy in detail and their information is quite vague. This trading bot follows the market trend and offer market adaptability. It utilize the three features to trend in a profitable way. You can see that they offer risk management and prevent your account from broker slippage. It is able to trade with three currency pairs out of which one is major pair. You can also trade with gold that is XAUUSD. The trading length on average is 1 day and the trading timeframe is about 1 hour. It is important to use this robot with a trusted forex broker such as Libertex. Please read this Libertex review article for more info.

Results of The Skilled Trader EA

We are happy to announce that results are verified by Myfxbook. All the Forex robots that are launched under LeapFX offer live verified Myfxbook results. The results are very profitable and show good analytics. All this makes the robot quite transparent for the buyers. You can start with the minimum deposits of $100 that is quite low as compared to other trading bots in market. But even if the results are good it is always a bit trick to say that this is the best forex robot off course.

The Skilled Trader EA Prices and Packages

In this segment of “The Skilled Trader Review” we will talk about the price and package that are being offered by the vendors. There are three different packages that can choose from. Each of these comes with different services and bonuses so you can choose according to your trading plan. They also have 30 days money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you, you can get the money back by contacting them.

First package

  • 3 Month membership
  • Price: $247
  • The Skilled Trader Automated Software
  • Updates Included
  • Full Hands on Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Second package

  • One Year Membership
  • Price: $497
  • The Skilled Trader Automated Software
  • Updates Included
  • Full Hands on Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Third package

  • Lifetime Membership
  • Price: $899
  • The Skilled Trader Automated Software
  • Updates Included
  • Full Hands on Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



  • Advanced features for trading
  • Three different packages to choose from
  • Able to trade with gold (XAUUSD).
  • Complete Refund Policy
  • Results are verified by third-party website.


  • Can trade with only three currency pairs.
  • Prices are quite expensive for beginners.
  • Not much information about the strategy available.

Client’s Feedback

If we talk about the feedback of the clients who are using this robot then we have find number of positive review. Most of the traders are satisfied with the features and management offered by the vendors. Whereas some found it quite expensive as compared to profit that they can get after trading.

Conclusion of The Skilled Trader Review

We have come to the conclusion of The Skilled Trader Review. We have given you an in-depth review about this trading bot. As you can see there are many features that make it an advanced Forex robot. The results are also verified by Myfxbook and show profitable live results. LeapFX is also a trustworthy company that has a decade of experience in this market. You can also customize it according to your trading plan. So let us know what are your thoughts about it?

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